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The Xbox Two Podcast is back and this week Rand & Jez will be talking about the report that the Xbox Activision Blizzard Deal will be closing next week, Forza Motorsport reviews are out, Redfall gets its 60FPS patch, is Spider-Man 2 too short for $70, and Xbox might be working on 2 licensed IPs and much more!!

The Xbox Two Patreon:

Getting ready to go live 0:00
Intro and Housekeeping 6:52
What they’ve been playing – Rand & Jez FM Thoughts 19:40
Indie GOTY Thoughts and Contraband update? 1:23:50
Gears 6 release expectation 1:37:00
XGS licensed IPs 1:49:50
ABK approval next week? 2:06:10
Gaas games and industry crossroad 2:19:00
Xbox and Sega 2:38:00
Redfall patch 2:41:35
Length and value in games 2:47:40
Patreon Questions and Closing 3:03:30


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