PlayStation has been on fire nonstop for over a decade at this point, but recently, it feels like the company has been stumbling a little bit more than what we’ve grown used to seeing.

Recently, it was revealed that the console missed its sales target for the current fiscal year, with Sony later also confirming that, what with it entering the latter half of its lifecycle, its sales are going to see a gradual slowdown going forward.

Further confirmation that there won’t be any new releases in any major existing first-party franchise until at least April of next year has only served to fan the flames, and all of that has combined with a number of other missteps and infractions over the last year or so to lend PlayStation as a whole an unusual air of fragility. Here, we talk about all of that and more. Play ecco the dolphin is back and better than ever! Play online with other enthusiasts and experience this timeless game in a whole new way. With updated graphics and new challenges, you won’t want to miss out.