For today’s video:
Welcome to our very passionating golden primer episode of Vlogmas 2022 known as VlogmaSEEKS because we’re now on our 6th Year of doing the Vlogmas.


The Eucharistic Celebration Programming will vary based on the timing, but regular PREMIERE schedules are as follows:
Saturdays at 10pm
Sundays at 9am, 1:30pm and 9:45pm
Mondays at 8:30pm

The following segments are on-hold until further notice:
1. LIVE Jamming Sessions (simulcast with SessionsLive)
2. I Give The Letters, Unscramble It: The Return
3. Photogenic Idol Search YouTube Edition Season 1
4. Question Ko, Answer Mo LIVE Quiz Battle
5. Deepening Faith in God: Daily Reading Reflections

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