Ice White has assembled the ultimate panel of dating coaches, featuring Alex from Playing With Fire (PWF), Markus Wolf from Ultimate Man Project (UMP), Justin Marc, Dan (Badboy) from Badboy Lifestyle, Denton Fisher (Karisma King) and Sam Overton (Fluid Social).

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00:00 Intro
01:22 Tom Torero
02:50 Justin Marc & Bradicus Canceled In Mexico
16:53 Looks, Money, Status
17:10 Do Looks Matter?
26:25 Does Money Matter?
39:21 Getting Women Involved In Your Life
50:05 Red Pill & PUA Advice BAD For Relationships
56:31 Polygyny: Dating Multiple Women
1:04:55 Marriage & Kids
1:14:48 Common Mistakes Men Make In Game
1:20:20 Dealing With Rejection
1:27:30 Getting Feedback From Women
1:39:47 Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV)
1:54:44 What Coaches Have Learned Recently
2:06:10 When Focusing Too Much On Women Becomes Unhealthy
2:15:41 Is Game Easier In 2023?
2:28:25 Markus Wolf VS Michael Sartain, Cold Approach VS Social Circle Game Debate
2:53:21 Markus Wolf Is Julien Blanc?!
2:54:14 You Have To Take Action

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