In this video, I will be showing you the best and the most fun Roblox simulators that you can play right now that are new in the year 2022! There are so many different Roblox simulators that I will be showing you in this video that you can even play on mobile! So if you want to know the best new top 5 Roblox simulators to play when you’re bored, make sure to watch this whole video!

Best Roblox Games to Play When You’re Bored!

Game List
Basketball Maddness
Firework Simulator
Sea Cleaning Simulator
Youtube Life
Rocket Rush Simulator

0:00 Intro
0:19 Basketball Maddness
1:10 Firework Simulator
1:54 Sea Cleaning Simulator
2:30 Youtube Life
3:12 Rocket Rush Simulator