Hamas murders 700 Israelis, rapes women, kidnaps children, and mutilates bodies in the worst attack on Jews since the Holocaust.

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00:00 – I Am A Jew

3:45 – The Timeline

10:47 – The Face of Absolute Evil

19:30 – Eyewitness Account of Festival Massacre

27:12 – Child Held Hostage & Taunted

30:42 – Hamas Celebrates Rape & Murder

33:17 – Hamas Leader Calls On Israel To Leave The Land

35:03 – Gaza Ministry Telling Civilians Not To Leave

35:54 – Egyptian Policeman Kills 2 Israelis In Alexandria

36:38 – Hamas Celebrates With Children

39:32 – Celebrations In London, Turkey, Sydney, Rotterdam, NY

41:55 – ‘All Out For Palestine’ Protest Outside Israeli Consulate In NY

42:47 – The Squad Shows Their True Colors

48:59 – Harvard Palestine Solidarity Group Blames Israel

50:44 – MSNBC Host Ayman Mohyeldin Blames Hamas Attack On Israel

52:17 – WaPo Columnist Karen Attiah Celebrates Terrorism

52:59 – Israel Declares War

54:47 – Isaac Herzog: Our Enemies Have Made A Great Mistake

55:39 – IDF’s Major General: ‘Hamas Has Opened the Gates of Hell’

56:47 – WSJ: Iran Plotted, Organized, Approved Attack

59:27 – Biden Speaks

1:00:38 – Biden Hosts BBQ

1:00:56 – Blinken: Hamas Brings Only ‘Death And Destruction’

1:02:00 – Blinken Admits Iran Funds Terrorism

1:04:12 – Blinken Calls On Israel To Avoid Civilian Casualties

1:05:26 – How You Can Help

1:06:41 – I Am A Jew

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