Guide to the Steam Winter Sale 2018/2019 (aka Christmas Holiday Sale), dates, best game deals plus the cards, badges, Steam Awards voting and more!

The sale is on for 2 weeks or 14 days, dates are December 20th until January 3rd!

Covers deals on the biggest and most popular games, the cards/badges, voting for the Steam Awards etc.! That’s about all as far as a meta-game this time around.

Get your favourite games cheap while you can, there may not be another sale for awhile!

Here’s a link to the Steam Store:

A link to SteamDB to check out sales, sale histories & currency conversion:

The Steam Limited Profile FAQ:

Sale Dates & Info: 0:28
Deals: 2:17
SteamDB Info: 5:13
Cards & Badges: 5:36
Steam Awards Voting: 6:16
Not Getting Cards?: 7:06
Steam Extremely Cozy Cottage: 8:39
My Channel Info: 11:40