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Xbox is promised to leverage almost 30 Studios to bring world class first party games to the Xbox platform. But over the past couple of years waiting for revealed games to materialize has fans anticipating the upcoming Xbox showcase for 2024. Games have reached a critical mass in development and Xbox’s poised to reveal some of their biggest games show the most gameplay and finally give us release dates for incredible games we will play in 2024 and into 2025. Here’s what has been revealed for Xbox showcase.

Xbox is working with their suite of studios to bring games to the platform but they are also partnering with publishing studios and partners to create reimagined IPs and wholly new experiences that it is reported we will see in this upcoming showcase for 2024 in June. What will follow is some 20 games that Xbox plans to showcase and map out for us to play over the next year

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:10 Fallout 3 Remaster
0:02:20 Perfect Dark
0:03:51 Project Maverick
0:04:16 Doom Dark Ages
0:05:07 Gears Fenix Collection
0:05:42 Gears 6
0:06:00 State of Decay 3
0:06:51 Fable
0:07:30 Avowed
0:08:15 Clockwork Revolution
0:08:50 Stalker 2
0:09:20 Indiana Jones
0:09:53 Outer Worlds 2
0:10:21 Final Fantasy 16
0:10:55 Banjo Kazooie
0:11:43 Wu Tang Clan Shaolin
0:12:21 Contraband
0:13:27 Forza Horizon 6
0:14:08 Starfield Shattered Space
0:14:51 Blade
0:15:29 Call of Duty Black Ops 6
0:16:09 Elder Scrolls VI

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