We are getting a festive update in Red Dead Online over the next couple of weeks with different bonuses for both the Christmas and New Years holiday. SNOW is coming, watch for small snowfall as well as blizzards to sweep across all 5 states on the frontier.
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Weekly GIFTS –

Play between Dec 23rd and 25th to receive
-The Krampus Double Barrel Shotgun Variant
-30 rounds of Incendiary Buckshot Ammo
-100 Shotgun Slugs
-10 Thyme Big Game
-10 Minty Plump Birds
-20 Carrots
-20 Assorted Biscuits
-50 Candies
-10 Fine Brandies
-10 Special Miracle Tonics
-20 Volatile Fire Bottles
-2x Creek Plums
-2x Agarita

Play between Dec 31st and Jan 6th to recieve

– 1000 XP towards ALL roles not yet at Rank 20

Collectors can get in on the holiday action between December 24th and 30th by sending the Festive Feast Collection to Madam Nazar for a princely sum. Track down a Goose Egg, Cognac and a Thyme Plump Bird to complete the collection. And between December 31st – January 6th, Nazar will be requesting receipt of the New Year Collection, containing the Ace of Wands, Scotch Whiskey and Platinum Pocket Watch.


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