Holiday Resort – FULL PLAYTHROUGH & Review ¦ Minecraft
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This is the full playthrough of the free Minecraft marketplace new years celebration map: Holiday Resort!
Map By @CrackedCubes :
Official Map Trailer:

Overall this was a fantastic map to play. There was occasionally a bit of axolotl islands vibes because of the clunkiness, but that is absolutely fine, because who am I to call a beautiful map bad. This was definitely a more casual and refreshing map than the previous ones we’ve had. It might not function the best, but if I’d have to give an award based on looks this one’s winning 100%!

00:00 – Intro
00:36 – How to download & install the map
01:38 – First look at the map
07:29 – Water park
15:22 – First look at the minigames
18:52 – More map exploration
21:48 – Finishing the water park
26:00 – Minigames: theme park
39:30 – Minigames: parkour & mini golf
49:53 – Minigames: sports
01:04:09 – Checking out the rooms
01:17:35 – Outro & Helicopter

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