For ten years, Mia has been a loyal and hard-working small-town Christmas hat shop manager. But this holiday season, her boss has gifted her a disappointing revelation. The position she had been coveting is going to his son Nick, who’s coming from New York City to take over the family business. Less than thrilled with the prospect of training the boss’ son, she quickly discovers Nick to be a charismatic charmer and falls quickly for him when he helps out with her handicapped son Scotty. Although Nick starts to have doubts about giving up his past big-city life, he and Mia slowly start to realize they’re the Christmas miracle each has been waiting for.

Antonio Cupo
Haylie Duff
Jay Brazeau
Sean Michael Kyer
Melanie Papalia
Kendra Anderson

Directed by Terry Ingram

Premiered on Hallmark Channel in 2013


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