Barbie & Ken Airplane Travel Routine Princess adventure edition! They join their friends for a new doll episode. Barbie Travels to Floravia with Daisy, Renee, and Ken. Barbie’s sisters along with Mom & Dad drop her off at the toy airport. We use inspiration from the new Barbie Movie on Netflix.” Barbie Princess Adventure. Ken really wants to sit next to Barbie on the plane. He has a big crush on her. Its time to board the Barbie airplane. They get seated and order doll food and drinks from the flight attendant. Barbie finds a big surprise in her backpack!
Barbie Doll Princess Amelia comes to visit Barbie and her family sisters. They are so excited. Princess Amelia from Barbie Princess Adventures brings her tiny cute bunny pet Snowy. The girls plan a fun sleepover party. It’s her very first slumber party. They dance, watch movies, play board games and have the best time ever. Barbie’s dad even orders a yummy pizza. This video focuses on family, friendship, and kindness. Barbie’s sisters are so kind and try to make Princess Amelia feel at home. We use our imagination by playing with our dolls to come up with fun roleplay stories kids can recreate at home using their own dolls with help from their own family and friends.

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