0:00 – Video Questions
0:23 – Gamification and Real-Life performance in Dating – Linne, 2020
0:50 – The Informational Capitalism: From Vacation to Lingerie Pics
1:55 – Online Dating: No More Classical Meet-Ups
2:54 – Economic Capital: A Pic on a Jet never hurts
3:08 – Cultural Capital: The PhD Bio
3:18 – Erotic Capital: Phantasizing on Tinder
3:44 – Algorithm instead of Mystery
4:16 – FOMO and Gamified Dating
5:15 – Premium Features: Level the Game
6:00 – Matches: Gamified High Score?
6:52 – From Online to Offline: Daily Performance
7:42 – Re-Creation from Online Performance
8:30 – “What u searching for?” – Gamified Performance
8:46 – Socializing Dating in Apps
9:43 – Pro Gamer or Pro Dater?
Here I discuss:
► Tinder App
► Bumble App
Dating app Matches and game High Scores have much in common. While we practice, train with the game patterns and rise the difficulty to attain good rankings in games, we hire Tinder photographs for the best dating pictures, talk to dating coaches to improve our biography text, and buy premium features to go in par with those too handsome to get matches easily. Like a lootbox, we pay to be better in gaming… and dating.

How does the gamification in dating apps shape our personal performance? How do economic, cultural and erotic capital work in these apps, and how do we see dating as a videogame to become “Pro Daters”?

Hi! I’m Eduardo, M.A. in Computer Game Studies. Welcome to the 2nd part of this video series!
Academic Source:
• Linne, Joaquin, 2020. “It’s not you, it’s Tinder.” Gamification, consumption, daily management and performance in dating apps. Convergencia Revista de Ciencias Sociales.
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