Hey SwitchUp Family – a pretty tasty set of sales this week – and it’s great to talk about Axiom 2 and the hidden gem. SUBSCRIBE for more and let us know what games you’ve been playing – we’ll announce a winner or two of a Switch code in next week’s episode! #nintendoswitch #eshop #sales #sale #nintendo

Best new games this week:
Last Episode of Sales:

00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Save 10% on EVERYTHING!
00:55 – Cris Tals is a GREAT JRPG!
01:54 – Divinity BE QUICK!
02:55 – Deal of the week!
03:55 – The Outer Worlds
04:55 – Axiom Verge 2 is…
05:55 – All The Titan Quests!
06:55 – Void Bastards FPS
07:55 – Bioshockingly Good
08:54 – Kingdoms Of Amalur
09:54 – It’s a Hidden Gem!
11:18 – These are still live and kicking!
11:59 – Avoid this!
13:15 – Save that 10%

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